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How strange…

How Strange It Is..
We wish to earn lot of money,
but we have the best of times
when we have just 10 bucks in
our pocket..
We wish to wear big brands, but
we feel most comfortable in
dirty pajaymas
We wish to own big cars & go on
long drives yet we talk our heart
out while walking down a long
We have 64GB I-Pods filled with
songs, but sometimes a song on
the radio brings a smile that can't
be compared.
Life is simple..
We make it complex by running
after what never gives us joy.

God will take care of you

Whatever you are going through in life God will take care of you!

Contributed by Cole Kozo-u Lasuh

Love is fellowship with God

Worry ends when faith begins.
Fear fades when faith grows.
Humility grows when faith matures.
Faith is strengthened when you obey.
Obedience is easy when there is love.
Transformation is brought about by love.
Love is the overflowing result of a person in true fellowship with God..

Contributed by Mark Aleta

My strength in God

My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart." -Psalm 73:26
With God it is possible….

True happiness

True happiness is not found in any reward than that at being united with God.

Looking for Answers

Looking for the answers???
They are in the Bible.

Working with people

Getting along with people isn't something that just happens, we have to work at it.